Management Systems


As with many other areas of business, the management of health and safety is much easier when a system is put in place to organise and arrange everything. Otherwise, it can be easy for things to 'fall through the cracks', especially as attention and resources can often be diverted from health and safety to other areas of the business when things get busy.

Having a good health and safety management system in place provides the infrastructure that everything else fits into, like the health and safety policy, risk assessments, safe systems of work, communication, consultation, training, incident reporting and investigation, etc.

There are a few recognised systems you could adapt and implement such as HSG65, which is published by the Health & Safety Executive, or there is ISO 45001, which is published by the International Standards Organisation and for which there is the possibility of gaining external accreditation.

Using these management systems is by no means compulsory though. Many businesses prefer to create their own bespoke systems, or adapt the systems previously mentioned to fit in with their unique business operations. 

It's important to have some sort of system in place though. Effective arrangements for health and safety, just like any other area of the business, are not going to just fall into place by themselves, and with so much at stake, this is not an area where you or your business can fall short of the required standards.


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