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Our swimming pool operations support service provides reassurance that whatever problems and challenges come your way, you and your team have a PWTAG expert and chartered health & safety consultant on hand, who will explain exactly what you need to do to sort it out.

This support service can be especially useful for sites that have a team of newly-certified pool plant operators as it provides them with back-up support and guidance whilst they become more experienced with their pool plant procedures and begin applying what they have learned during the pool plant course.

When you sign up, we'll conduct a site visit so that we're completely familiar with your swimming pool and plant room system, which will enable us to provide advice and guidance that is specific to you and relevant to your situation.

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How we can help...


If any of your chemical levels, such as disinfectant, pH, TDS, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, water balance etc. go outside of industry parameters, we can help you get things back under control.


We can help you interpret your microbiological reports and solve the problem in the event of unsatisfactory readings. 


Got your NOP's, EAP's, PSOP's in order? If not, let us help you to create and implement all the procedures and documents needed for operating a commercial swimming pool or spa.



Whether it's too much chlorine in the pool or too little, or if you're not sure what to do in the event of a major contamination incident, we can help you cope and bring the situation back under control.


Included in the price is a full audit of your swimming pool and associated plant. We'll provide you with a full report, along with any recommendations.


We're Chartered Health and Safety Consultants, so we can give you reliable advice and guidance on how health and safety legislation impacts on you and your business.


How it works...

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Sign up and authorise monthly direct debit payments.

Advice & Guidance

‎Once your first payment is made, call or email us for any advice and guidance you need.


We will conduct a detailed and comprehensive audit of your swimming pool safety arrangements and provide you with a comprehensive report.

On-going Support

Continue to receive on-going advice, guidance and support to help you devise and implement safe systems of work and document it all properly.